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Newspaper readers also
`kept in the dark`

A newspaper editor is accused of keeping readers in the dark because he is not publishing the full facts about a  Cumbria housing association merger.

The editor of the Carlisle daily, the News and Star is accused of failing to inform his readers of the full facts of the merger between Workington-based Impact Housing Association and the Liverpool-based Riverside Housing Association

"Until his paper prints the full facts, he is keeping readers in the dark” says a spokesman for the campaigning group, Carlisle Tenants` and Residents Federation.

The Federation has told the editor in a letter that there had been a lot of  secrecy by the two associations previously about the merger. Keeping readers in the dark added to that secrecy.

The Federation has written to the editor. The letter dated February  12,  is reproduced here:

“Dear Editor

“I am writing about the letter to the editor dated January 22 (it also appeared on the same day on this blog ) which has not been published.

“In the view of the Federation it is important that this letter is published or some other means be found to inform your readers that your story of January 10 needed fuller explanation.

“The Federation has a long history of campaigning against Riverside Housing Associaton and as part of that campaigning we investigated the planned merger of Impact and Riverside.

“The  investigation found that the News and Star story was not sufficiently adequate and also that there were serious allegations of secrecy and of witholding information from the public which had been made against the two associations and against the regulatory body. 

“It has also been reported that following news of the planned merger, concerns have  been expressed about the fate of the Oval community centre at Workington. It has also been reported following news of the planned merger, that tenants on Salterbeck Estate ,Workington are  concerned about the lack of information.

Chris Story
CHRIS STORY..."a possible news story? "

“Your newspaper initially correctly identified the planned merger as of public interest and since my letter, your associate editor Chris Story has shown an interest and indictated that you are possibly interested in a news story about  all the issues involved.

 “The Federation now asks in view of the continued public interest in this matter what steps are being taken by your newspaper to look into these matters and if necessary inform the public of the full story?”

  Carlisle Tenants` and Residents` Federation publishes this blog. Information about the Federation is available on 01228 522277 or 01228 532803

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