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James Bond still has echoes following new revelations about the activities of The Man from Riverside who behaved  like the legendary government secret  agent when he made two  mysterious appearances at meetings of tenants of Riverside Housing Association.

The Man from Riverside disappeared after those meetings.

Now  the Man from Riverside has appeared again. But the mystery deepens with  news of more of his shady activities following the two meetings at Longtown, near Carlisle, where dozens of tenants have got together as a group to fight the Riverside regime and its botched home heating systems which is making their lives a misery.

The latest news of The Man from Riverside is that he has been spotted
trailing one of the tenants who also took part in those two
meetings of the group,  Longtown Action for Heat.

Why that particular tenant should be trailed by The Man from
Riverside  is a mystery. But trailed that tenant was.

Why? The best guess is that the Man from Riverside had some
“information”  about  him and decided  he was “suspect” and needed to be

The Man from Riverside was spotted  on the trail outside the Carlisle Asda supermarket, of all places. And the trailing of the “suspect” tenant continued inside the store-   the Man from Riverside was seen ducking and diving, dodging shoppers in and out of the aisles of the fruit and veg. section

Then,when he was about to be confronted by the “suspect” tenant, the Man from Riverside hid behind a huge stack of pineapples, all of them buy-one- get-one-free, sometimes known as bogoff.

The”suspect “ tenant  said just that...  bogoff, or stronger words meaning the same thing. And the Man from Riverside disappeared  for a second time.

But questions remain.Was the Man from Riverside playing a game? Or did he have a serious purpose? Or was he off his trolley?

One certain thing has been discovered about the Man from Riverside. He has strong links to Liverpool-based Riverside through its tenants` federation which  Riverside finances and supports.

Another federation, Carlisle Tenants` and Residents`Federation which is totally independent and is backing the Longtown tenants in their fight, wants answers  from the boss of Riverside, Mr Dean Butterworth, the Carlisle regional director.

The  Carlisle Federation has written to Mr Butterworth describing the Man from Riverside as disruptive and trouble-provoking. “What is the role and status of the Man 
from Riverside?” asks the letter.

And how does the role and status relate to the culture of Riverside  which was recently publicly described as too authoritarian. And how does  this role and status relate to Mr Butterworth`s stated aim of  making Riverside a better place within a year?

And how does the role and status of the Man from Riverside help the distressed Longtown tenants  face the imminent coming winter, their third winter without affordable heat at home?

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