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An action group  has been formed  by the Longtown (Cumbria) distressed tenants  to campaign for their home central heating to be restored without  sky-high electricity bills.

Twelve  tenants decided to get  the group together at meeting last week in the town`s community centre when  they  lambasted their landlord, Riverside Housing Association, with  shattering criticism of its faulty solar panels and the faulty central heating systems that go with them.

 The faulty systems  are all resulting in  the rocketing  electricity bills which are up to 400 per cent more than normal.

The Longtown solar panels are a  first for Riverside.The tenants wondered why Longtown was chosen for these first panels and why Riverside did not install  them in Liverpool where Riverside is based.

One tenant said:”Liverpool is noted for being a  bit Bolshie and the people can be very critical of authority. Instead, Riverside chose Longtown which is a quiet country community not likely to kick up a fuss. Riverside must be scared  of Liverpool.

“We have had two winters without proper heating in our homes, we cannot face a third. We need action now.”

The tenants group is being helped and supported by Carlisle Tenants and Residents`Federation which  looking for ways to bring legal action against Riverside or action through  a government organisation, the Communities and Local Government Agency.

This agency regulates the activities of all housing associations.

Carlisle City Council is also being asked  for help through its housing complaints procedure.

Community Voice  Carlisle is the blog od Carlisle Tenants` and Residents` Federation. Information about the Federation is contained in the first post of the blog,dated March 25 2013

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