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The Carlisle community group, Carlisle Tenants` and Residents` Federation which Riverside Housing Association said would cease to exist  has been invited to meet the Riverside boss  Mr Dean Butterworth, the regional director,

The invitation follows Federation protests to Riverside on behalf of distressed tenants in Longtown, near Carlisle, who are struggling with unheated homes and rocketing fuel bills.

The meeting will take place this week.

The struggle has gone on for two years and in desperation the distressed tenants contacted the Federation for help.

A Federation spokesman said today: “The tenants urgently need  a face to face meeting with Mr Butterworth.The Federation hopes to arrange this.
 “If that face to face meeting fails to resolve the very serious situation, the tenants  are prepared to get satisfaction through the courts.”

The spokesman added: The Federation has other issues to raise with Mr Butterworth, particularly the threat to evict one of the protesting  Longtown tenants.

“Riverside denies making this threat. This  we do not accept.  A very real intimidating threat  continues  and the tenant is unable to speak out  about his very serious  situation for fear of being  forced on to the streets.This situation is completely unacceptable.

“The tenants are also concerned about the way this issue is being downplayed by Riverside in the local media.”

About the threats to the Federation, the spokesman said:“ For about five years, Riverside has wanted to to put the Federation out of business since it abolished  all the other community groups in the city and  at a city council meeting made the arrogant threat to abolish us.

“Now Riverside  is trying to undo its damage to communities  by  trying to form its own groups."

The spokesman added:”We welcome the chance to talk to Mr Butterworth and hope that our meeting will help the distressed Longtown tenants and make for better Riverside relations with the Federation”
Issued by Carlisle Tenants` and Residents` Federation

February 24 2014

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