Friday, 23 August 2013



Two protesting groups are  joining forces here, outside the derelict site that once had on it sixteen one-bedroom maisonette flats.

The flats are in Borland Avenue. Botcherby, Carlisle, and were demolished a few days ago by the giant Riverside Housing Association.

One of the protesting groups is campaigning to end the government`s bedroom tax which has massively increased the demand for one-bedroom accommodation, such as the demolished flats.

The other protesting group is campaigning to halt the continued demolition  by Riverside of one-bedroom accommodation throughout Carlisle.

This demolition has gone on for several years and there are now no  one-bedroom replacements, despite increased demand.

The anti-bedroom tax group plans to take its protest to M.P.s, to Parliament, and if necessary to David Cameron in Downing Street. This protest is democracy at work.

The anti-demolition group plans to take its protest to....where? Where can the anti-demolition protesters go? They have no democratic process. Democracy has been denied.

And no one seems to be listening. Not even the local councillors. Only one of the three Botcherby councillors has spoken out against the demolition. And if they did  happen to speak out, what good would it do?

Robert Betton, the one Botcherby  councillor who is listening
said: "A petition with 400 signatures failed to stop the demolition of these flats. Riverside didn`t properly consult the people of Botcherby who are now even more short of one-bedroom accommodation.

 "Now we must let the rest of Carlisle know what has happened to these flats so that they are prepared to take a stand against any further demolitions by Riverside.”

Carlisle Tenants` and Residents` Federation supports the  protesting people of Botcherby. The Federation has campaigned for  several years for the Liverpool-based Riverside organisation to  be open and democratic and be properly accountable to all residents of the city estates.

Community View Carlisle is the blog of Carlisle Tenants` and Residents` Federation.  Information about the Federation is contained in the first post of this blog, dated March 25 2013

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