Sunday, 5 May 2013


UKIP`s success at the polls this week should be welcome news for   those of us  who suspect  hidden plans to sell off our  council housing estates to Europe.

The  global buy-out by European companies of our  gas and electricity industries could easily happen to our social housing.

Ten  years ago, ownership of the 7200 Carlisle council houses was moved  100 miles to an organisation in Liverpool, Riverside Housing Association.

In another ten years from now, another global ownership deal  a  few hundred miles  further on from Liverpool could see the Mersey organisation-like the privatised British power companies -  sell our social houses to a company in Berlin or Brussels or Madrid.

Is this a fanciful scenario? No, it is no more fanciful than the continental power companies` present price stranglehold on Britain was when Mrs Thatcher moved into Number Ten thirty years ago

No one 30 years ago expected a Thatcher privatisation to end with a price stranglehold of Britain by Europe a few decades later.

The question now has to be asked: Is there a hidden agenda  for a social housing sell-off to Europe?

Members of the Federation think there is that hidden agenda.They have voiced these fears during the Liverpool-dominated years in Carlisle which have seen Riverside change to becoming   a property company with a privatising agenda and accountable to no-one but itself.

At the same time, Carlisle tenants` rights have disappeared into the Mersey. Carlisle politicians  have looked on, not exactly helpless but not exactly caring either.

In fact some of these politicians are actively helping along  the Riverside privatisation.

Today, according to the political commentators, UKIP`S  successes at the polls will give all those politicians a long-overdue jolt of reality.

And that UKIP jolt might reverse the unpopular global agenda. And control of our social houses might escape Europe and  be returned to the city of Carlisle  and  the tenants.

Information about the Federation and Carlisle South Community Association is contained in the first entry or this blog, dated March 25 2013

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