Sunday, 21 April 2013


The national storm around the  Cumbria  police commisoner and his serious lack of judgement follows very closely on a similar serious lack of judgement by his rival, the housing boss who wanted his job.

The  housing boss, Mr Patrick Leonard, Carlisle regional director of Riverside Housing Association,   became a Labour politician so that he could fight the recent election for the Police and Crime Commissioner job.

Then Mr Leonard  provoked a storm with his preposterous  idea that he could run both jobs together side by side-Riverside director and Police Commissioner.

The  commissioner , Mr Richard Rhodes, is now under fire  over  chauffeur-driven car expenses and the arrest of whistleblowers .The whistleblowers allegedly  contacted the local paper, the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald , known as the Herald, in Penrith its home-town.

The future of Mr Rhodes now is very uncertain. However, the future of Mr Leonard, back  as a housing boss, is  very certain-  since his defeat by Mr Rhodes he has decided to quit and take another job.

A future more certain than ever is that of the Herald.   because of its outstanding courage in holding Mr Rhodes to account.

The  Herald says it was only doing its job and should not be compared with the whistleblowers-in America whistleblowing is called singing.

In the Herald, these whistleblowers are described as “the truly courageous people who have put their careers in jeopardy”

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  1. Once again you have hit the nail on the head,what ever happens restraints must not be put on the press. Without the good quality press,politically free and not bought by big business,where would we be. You now need to have a look at where all the sheltered housing stock has gone